miss kristine



Kristine, here. I go by tin if you’re comfortable enough. I’m into a lot of old granny stuff like cooking, baking, sewing,  reading, scrapbooking, picnics,  gardening, etc. I’m a home and living kind of gal. I don’t do fashion. I barely wear make-up nowadays.  Little fashionistas and beauty queens would probably look at me comment  “OMG she needs make up!” No, i don’t need anything slapped,  smeared & painted on my face. I have enough pimples and blemishes i have to take care of.

I was brought up in a very simple, easy-going, laid back family environment. I tried living the “high” life once before but i missed out on the important, worthwhile individuals and events. Never again.

In a nutshell, i’m 21. I’m a college student studying physical therapy.  I currently reside in Houston, TX.  I love to travel. God willing, I’d drop everything and just travel. i grew up with 4 older brothers so i don’t have to explain why i can be such a tomboy sometimes, even though i look like a girly-girl. so don’t look at me awkwardly when i start farting, burping, talking about poo, pee, penis, vagina, or i start cursing up a storm, if my clothes are too baggy, or that i wanna interfere your basketball game. it’s the real me. take it or leave it.

ok that’s all.

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