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oh, hi.

Posted in Uncategorized by misskristine on September 17, 2009

i managed to retrieve my old wordpress back.  i forgot about it until i tried to register “misskristine” only to tell me it was already taken. Out of curiosity, i  searched the url to see who has my username of interest so i can tell  the bitchface to give it up but oddly enough, that bitchface was me. Tough part was guessing which email address i used & god knows how much i have of those. Thanks to you ms. curiosity i now have my WP account back!

Originally, I was going to get my brother to set it up on my misskristine.net domain but i guess he’s engaged in other priorities. Priorities like being a couch potato and the inactivity of self. I tried doing it myself only to chunk my mouse at the computer screen and complain on twitter how much of a headache it was giving me. & instead of getting thrown a “hey i’ll help you” reply i get a “NOOB!”.   Trying to discover any speck of patience in me to understand how it all works is unpleasant to my learning abilities right now.  i’ll just stick with the simplicity of things.

on to my week…

first off, i want to tell mother nature how much i appreciate the gorgeous weather we’ve been having so far this week. i actually get cold when night falls but it’s a refreshing change from the scorching summer this year.  second, i have not been at my best (physically & mentally) this week but still manage to smile & find positivity somewhere, anywhere to boost me up a little because well,  i just don’t do the whole look-at-me-i-feel-bad-boo-hoo drama so everyone  can ask what’s wrong. no thank you. i would’ve jump started my career path towards being a circus clown looong time ago if i wanted attention. and third,  exploring with ramen noodles is the best thing i’ve done all week. maybe i’ll share it sometime.

anywho, this is where i’ll be updating most of the time. and here. i don’t do facebook because it’s stalker-friendly.


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