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Posted in Uncategorized by misskristine on April 5, 2007

Sometimes in a cross-road situation you have got to be cruel just to be kind.
You have got to let something go even if you don’t want to, to keep something that appears to be more worth it.
You have got to close all the possibilities with one thing, to focus on another.
You have got to learn that you can’t have everything in life, and eventually you’ve got to weed it out and ask yourself which one is more worth it in the long run.

It’s sort of like shopping. You may see an expensive shirt that’s gorgeous to the eye, and on the surface it appears to be worth every penny, and you try it on, and it feels “just right” and its a different style from all the other shirts you’ve ever tried on…But really do you want to spend a fortune on something that you aren’t sure of? and may possibly damage in the future? Or would you choose something that is just as gorgeous to the eye and feels just as “right” but its more practical and useful in the long run?

Eventually you’ll probably pick the latter, and you will keep thinking of the previous for a while. Then you’ll forget about it, until you see it on someone else and wish…damn I wish I got that instead.

So although what “you got to” do is important, what you “want to do” even more important. You got to make sure its not going to be something you regret. If you’re going to do something make sure you know what you’re doing, and that you’ve thought it through.

So often I tell others to do what they feel is right and what they truly want. Yet when it comes to my situation I can barely go near that topic of discussion. When I do find a way…its not even for what I want, but its for the sake of not causing more drama and complications.

I hate my pride.

Cause in the end, its still my pride that keeps me from saying what I’ve always meant to say.
and what I said is not what I mean at all.

sometimes you got to be cruel just to be kind.


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